2013 Club Seating Information

New or Additional Season Tickets     |      Exchange Current Season Tickets

If you are interested in club seats in Memorial Stadium for the 2013 season, you must fill out one or both of the online forms, even if you have already submitted a request to either the Ticket Office or Huskers Athletic Fund. East club seating requests received after November 23 may be part of a second round allocation of east club seating. West club seating will not be allocated until after current season ticket renewal period is finished, which will be after March 1, 2013.

Club seating is allocated starting with the donor/applicant with the highest amount of priority points who is willing to assume the area’s annual donation.


New/Additional Club Seats

If you do NOT currently have any football season tickets and would like to apply for club seats, please fill out the WAITLIST FORM and pay the required $50/seat deposit.  

If you are looking for ADDITIONAL season tickets and would like to apply for club seats, you will also need to fill out the WAITLIST FORM.

Please do not fill out this waitlist form if you are wanting to exchange some of your current season tickets for tickets in the East Stadium Club seating area. You will fill out the Exchange Seating form found below.


Exchange Current Season Tickets

If you currently have seats and wish to EXCHANGE* those seats for club seats, either in the West Stadium or the new East Stadium, please fill out the exchange seating form below.

*Requesting a season ticket improvement grants the Athletic Department permission to move your season tickets based upon the criteria given. If no information is provided, we will use our best judgement in awarding an improvement. Season tickets marked for improvement will be released and utilized for other accounts requesting an improvement or for new season ticket requests.

Please view the map above defined donation areas for club seating in 2013.  Please mark the highest donation level you are interested in. If you are not allocated seats at your highest level, you will automatically be considered at any level(s) lower than your indicated per seat contribution, unless noted differently. Click on the image for a larger image, there is a box on the lower right corner that will take the image to a bigger size. Click on the image again to return to this page.

Exchange Seating form

Your Full Name

Mailing Address




Your Email (preferred)

Your Cell Phone

Current Nebraska Football season ticket holder customer #

Are you a Huskers Athletic Fund donor?  No Yes
AD #

In order to be considered, you must list a pledge amount. If tickets are allocated, ticket holder's annual donation amount will be locked at the level at which you receive tickets, unless you request an upgrade.

Club seating donation level:  $2,500 annually per seat $2,000 annually per seat $1,750 annually per seat $1,500 annually per seat

Number of seats requested:

Which seats are you exchanging? (ex. West Stadium, Section 26, Row 5, Seats 10-12)

Specific Criteria
The more specific your request, the harder it may be to fill. Please label necessary or preferred when including any additional information.

Where would you prefer your Club seats:

If 4 or more seats:  Together Pairs Back to Back No Preference

Do you qualify and need disabled seating?  Yes No

Special Requests

Notification regarding club seats for the 2013 season will be mailed in mid-December. Donations associated with new season tickets will be invoiced at that time if your request has been filled. Season ticket invoices will be mailed around February 1, 2013.

If you are unable to submit this form electronically, please call Huskers Athletic Fund, 1-800-8 BIG RED, or email athleticfund@huskers.com.

Huskers Athletic Fund is the fundraising arm of the Nebraska Athletic Department. We also handle premium seating for football, volleyball, men’s & women’s basketball, and baseball.

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